All poster are 20" by 30" and cost $10.00 cdn each plus shipping and handling.
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Julie VanAnalstine World Renowned Artist Poster - The Seven Seas
The Seven Seas
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Posters are shipped in heavy duty cardboard tubes. Up to six can be shipped in one tube. Therefore the shipping cost will not vary on up to six posters as they can all be shipped in one tube.

More than six posters ordered will incur another shipping charge at the same rate. Please place a new order if you wish to order more than six. If you are ordering outside of the continental US or Canada please email us at The Studio of call us at 519-928-5904 to discuss shipping costs or ordering larger quantities.

Shipping is handled by Canada Post and is at the lowest price available to ship this kind of tube.

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Cyborg City
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Dream Maker
Call of the Wild
The Seven Seas
Under Water