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Living in Southern Ontario, I have access to some incredible rocks. All of the drumlins provide a great variety and the riverbanks have some wonderful slate, limestone and granite. Painting on rock is tricky, since each kind received and transmits the paints differently. Most of the rocks shown can be duplicated and these pictures are my sample pieces.
Owl Totem Rock (1)
Owl Totem Rock (2)
Owl Rocks
Pan Rock
Sol Rock
Sun Face Rock
Totem(1) Rock
Totem Owl Rocks (3,4)
Message Rocks
 Owl Rock
Owl Totem Rock(1)

Owl Totem Rocks Owl Totem Rock (2)

More Owl Rocks
More Owls

Pan Rock
Pan Rock

Sun  Rock
Sun Rock

Sun Face Rocks
Sun Face Rocks

Totem Rocks
Totem Rock (1)

Totem(2) Rocks
Totem(2) Rock

Totem Owl Rocks (3,4)
Totem Owl Rocks(3, 4)

Vision Quest
Vision Quest