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Dream Rendering A Brief Explanation.

Julie Vanalstine's Dream Rendering Services

" a dream uninterpreted is an opportunity lost"

Dreams are lessons offered up by your subconscious and they are an invaluable way to keep track of your soul's progress. We've all had those Big Dreams, the ones that haunt or bless us. When the waking world seems flat and meaningless, it is wonderful to have a physical reminder of the power and the beauty of The Otherside.

Another dream we have is the way we see ourselves. It is usually a collection of symbols, colours and images that express you. It can be your career, hobbies and / or things you love. Capturing the Dream of Yourself is a life affirming addition to your life. Over the years, I have had an opportunity to render several peoples dreams and visions. I have an acute ability to divine the images that people are communicating and can interpret their dreams artistically.

If you would like to see your dream rendered and to discuss this please feel free to call me at 519-928-5904 or email me at juliesart@hotmail.com I do not charge for the initial consultation. During this time we can discuss media, size etc.

I will then provide you with a quote to complete the project and terms. Please click on the thumbnails on the left for information about each dream I have rendered to date with a brief explanation.

Please click on the thumbnails to your left for more information.

A Dream Forming

A Dream Forming - This is a personal vision. Just before I got to sleep, there is a place I arrive at that has moving textures in the background. It is usually black and white or sepia coloured. On these surfaces figures flow and change into other figures.
A Killing Frost
Killing Frost
Rendering of a dream someone had during a very cold winter. There was a bleak winter landscape with a chilling face, which was moving towards the dreamer. This dream was more powerful than frightening. Done in watercolour and pencil crayon.
The Ultimate Game
The Ulitmate Game
This painting, done in acrylics, was commissioned by a guy who loved cats and juggling. He had a great joy in life and a good sense of humour.
Wind and the Wolves
All Creature
This piece is a watercolour. Taken from a dream in which a pack of wolves were howling, not to the moon, but with the Ladies who are the trees and who sing when the wind blows.
Die Back
15 1/2" x 19 1/2"
Ink wash, water colour and pencil crayon
The painting was inspired by a vision of a mermaid lying dead on a beach. It struck me that over the centuries, every time there was a catastrophe, mankind has blamed demons, curses, the Devil, whatever. Today, as the last of the mythical creatures die off we have only ourselves to blame for the ills of the world. In this case, it is the dieback on the trees from acid rain. I used the medieval church in the background to tell the story. At the base of the facade are the people who are trying to help and above, the ones who create and prosper from the acid rain.

$4,000.00- framed

First Born
First Born
11" x 9"
Ballpoint pen, pencil crayon and marker
When I was pregnant with our first son all of my creativity went into baby making and I was only able to do two drawings. This one shows the state of my mind. It has a kind of zen like quality which is a nice way of saying that my brain was fried.

$300.00 - framed

Girls Night Out
Girls Night Out
12" x 12"
Mixed medium
This is a fun piece. I thought I had a chance to send some ideas to the band Hawkwind. Apparently they sometimes use fans' artwork as cover art. Then I found out that they don't accept work from females. I'd already started the piece so it became a satire on the girl/guy thing. These beauties love to take boys out to dinner .... literally!

$700.00 - framed

Inner Dreaming
Inner Dreaming
9" x 14" approx.
Pen and ink
I like doing drawings just for drawings sake, dreaming on paper. Here to the subconscious goes deeper again and in this dream within a dream we can see what my mind sees in it's wandering ... and boy do I have a busy little brain.

$500.00 - unframed

Life Study
Life Study
12 3/4"x 17 1/2"
Water colour and acrylic
This work is in honour of the great men in my life. A wonderful father, husband and three sons. It is a ode to male energy. The baby is attracted to the vibrant energy of this dimension. He is born and as a young man, dances with the exuberance of life. As an older man, this energy has grown into wisdom and calm acceptance of the cycle. In the lower left corner are the things I don't like about male energy. Behind a high wall is a building with the three symbols of the three main religions of world.

$2,000.00 - framed